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Grilled Romaine & Tofu in Spicy Tomato/Raspberry/Avocado Sauce


I’m getting in the habit of repurposing food as the spirit moves me.  The other night I made a delectable cappellini dish in cashew cheese alfredo with grilled mushrooms.  Not wanting to eat the same thing two nights in a row, I decided to experiment with using the leftover pasta as a base for something altogether different.  I noticed some romaine lettuce in the fridge that needed to be eaten, so I used this as an excuse to grill it up.  The sauce began with the remnants of a raspberry/blackberry/avocado smoothie I’d made that morning.  Instead of washing out the Vitamix, I used the repurposed the remaining smoothie by adding a tomato, balsamic vinegar, garlic, a little Worcestershire sauce and whatever else I could find that would yummify it. The fact that the noodles were bathed in cashew cheese and nutmeg meant that the dish was quite rich and savory.

One thing that I’m learning is that I actually enjoy tofu better when it’s chopped nice and small. I noticed this while eating out at a Thai restaurant last week.  There were these tiny bits of something or other in my salad – they tasted so good but I didn’t know what they were.  When the server told me it was tofu, I resolved to cut mine up as small as possible the next time I cooked it up at home.  I think smaller pieces are more enjoyable because they maximize taste.  Being the Condiment Queen I am, I need my tofu to serve as the most efficient delivery system for my sauce as possible.

Happy Veganisting!

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Pan Seared Pineapple Curry & Split Pea Mash


Last week, I ordered some kind of pineapple/chili dish served with tofu, grilled cashews and steamed vegetables.  As I noshed, I wondered: “Why don’t I ever cook with pineapples?”  Rectified this gross culinary negligence by whipping this up tonight.  The base of the curry is an almond butter sauce I made, along with carrots, garlic, grilled peanuts, almond milk and coconut butter.  Seared the pineapple in coconut oil along with red onions. Served over brown rice, red rice & black barley, with a side of split pea mash.  Incredibly delicious. Not low fat. At all.


Poppin' Tags

$42 at the Thrift Store

This is the story of three pairs of dope ass shoes, one skirt, two dresses and one shirt that can double as a (short) dress.  I estimate that I got about $270 worth of clothes for the cost of two drinks at a rooftop bar in Manhattan. Behold, the glory:

Ellen Tracy denim & leather pumps. Approx value: $70. I paid: $15.

Love these. And they’re comfortable too!
Zora's always trying to get shine.
Zora’s always trying to get shine.

Naturalizer sandals (perfect condition – apparently never worn).

Approx value: $75. I paid: $7.50

Naturalizer sandals. Perfect condition. 90% off.

You didn’t believe me when I said they were in perfect condition? Would I lie to you?


Pleather (vegan 🙂 Franco Sarto boots. Approx value: $50. I paid: $2.

Maternity sundress by Heidi Klum.  Approx value: $25. I paid: $2.

One woman’s maternity dress is another woman’s come up..

Striped shirt. Approx value: $10. I paid: $3.

I love stripes. Especially in the summer

Peace sign skirt. Approx value: $20. I paid: $6.


Sundress of unknown provenance. Approx value: $20. I paid: 6.


I think I’m most excited about the shoes.  The $15 heels were a splurge – I almost never pay more than $5 for clothes or shoes, but these just fit so perfectly and looked so damned sexy that I felt compelled to make an exception.  When I slipped them on, a crowd of ladies at the shop ooh’d and ahh’d at the glory.  I can see them now, with some denim skinny jeans – or shorts.  Lawd.  And those Naturalizers?  I mean.. perfect condition!  Not even a scuff on the heels!  Incredible find.  The “maternity” dress is lose and comfortable – perfect for lounging around the house on these hot summer days.

Now remember. Thrifting is not only amazing because of the gorgeous clothes you can find, but more importantly, it helps make the world a better place in tangible ways. If you shop at a legitimate, not-for-profit establishment, you are often able to contribute directly to charitable organizations.  Thrifting is also great for the environment — it’s a fashionable way of recycling and cuts down on waste.   So get out there and pop some tags already. And while you’re at it, donate something, too!