I’m Crystal Fleming: 30-something spiritual adventurer, thrifty fashionista and Assistant Professor of Sociology at a research university in New York. I have random bursts of creativity that manifest as cooking, making music, songwriting and waxing poetic. I like to smoke cigars and drink champagne while seated in the lotus position. Or something like that. And while I’ve traveled the world, lived in Paris, speak French and am in most ways an ordinary, cosmopolitan suburbanite/Neo-Soul Intellectual (okay, I fully admit there is no such thing as an ordinary, cosmopolitan surburbanite/Neo-Soul Intellectual), I am primarily a child of the irreverent, independent, soulful, passionate, hilarious, loving, fiery Take-No-Shit-Southern-Negro-Women in my family tree.

I mostly blog about emotions, spirituality, fashion and, oh, whatever else comes to mind. I’m influenced by the nondual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Alan Watts, Ernest Holmes, Joel Goldsmith and Thich Nhat Hanh among others. My spiritual perspective draws from Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. It boils down to these basic tenets:

(1) Everything and everyone is a manifestation of the All-there-is / God / Universe.

(2) What is most real in life is the conscious experience of the present moment.

I don’t claim to have the answers or to have life ‘figured out”. I’m just as beautifully flawed as everybody else. I use this blog as a space to share my experiences, insights and questions as I play out my time here as a manifestation of Consciousness. I invite you to share with me so we can learn together.


The title of this blog comes from a mantra a friend shared with me to help connect with the present moment. “I am aware that I am aware.” Can you sense, right now, your own awareness of being awake and alive? Who is sensing these perceptions? Who are you?

About my singing & songwriting:

Making music is a new hobby and the most enjoyable creative endeavor I’ve ever experienced. It is all consuming: the feeling of channeling emotions into an external form.. bringing something that’s in my head out into the world.. conveying the energy and spirit that inspired the lyrics.. the excitement of giving birth to this new thing.. all of it is so incredibly rewarding. Quite a high – right up there with the transcendent experience of feeling my connection to God.. or making love. For me, it’s all the same anyway: being one with creating, creation and the Creator.

© Crystal Fleming and Aware of Awareness, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Crystal Fleming and Aware of Awareness with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. year. 


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  1. hello crystal !! just came across ur blog ..im too inclined to teachings of vedanta and non duality and teachers like eckhart . ,paul hedderman..but in .trying to find something substantial from this ..i cut out from everything …do you think there is a future if one takes professional learning of vedanta …to be a teacher …il have bookmarked d page ll be going thru contents later by the way that pencil circle thing that pops up when you highlite menu bar is nice 🙂

  2. Wonderful website Crystal. You have covered wide variety of topics in your blog. Its great to always find another pet lover in blogs especially kitties.

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  4. Dear Crystal, The 7/14 blog resonates here. I learned of you because of this blog and will flow more. I notice that in my commitment to stay actively and humbly aware calls for diligence. I also notice that the path is not very rutted, it is a new route for each of us, yet familiar at times. Kind regards.

  5. Crystal,

    A FB friend shared your blog about our country. It moved me. Thank you.

    My wife, Karla, and I are students of New Thought and view it as the field from which we can and will change this world. She is also steeped in the 8 limbs of Yoga. This fall I begin PRAC II studies in the tradition started by Ernest Holmes, although I also practice the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins, Joel Goldsmith et al. My heart embraces those Truths found by Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and the beloved Rinpoche that return to provide guidance for all.

    Your voice is refreshing and gentle. Thank you for breaking yourself open to the compassion within. Yes, our country and kind could use growing a bigger heart. Let each of us move that along as we are able. Remain strong and steadfast, you’re a blessing. If you ever come out to Seattle …

    Namasté, Alex Perlman, JD

  6. I’m fascinated by your efforts to be a non-dualistic academic and grateful for your articulation of this struggle. Perhaps because it never occurred to me to apply the spiritual insights I gained from yoga and Tibetan Buddhism relatively late in my academic career, I was never able to achieve the sort of intellectual/ physical/ psycho-spiritual balance I craved. It’s wonderful to read abt your quest.

    • Hi Judith – thanks for supporting my blog and sharing your own experience in learning from Yoga and Buddhism! It is an interesting challenge trying to integrate these parts of my life pre-tenure, but I also don’t feel like I have a choice.. either I try to achieve this balance, or .. well, I’ll be miserable. I hope you’ve continued to read and will share some of the insights you’ve gained along the way 🙂

  7. Hi Crystal, I am writing my college essay regarding racism and prejudice as an ongoing international issue and came across your blog which provided much inspiration. I was wondering if I could contact you via email to ask you a few questions regarding my paper regarding the issue of racism? Thank you!!

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  9. My body has white skin. I am at a very politically active college in Massachusetts called Hampshire College. With confusion I have to witness a never ending cycle of racism. People of color hate on white people, white people are afraid of black people and whisper hates on them…..it’s effing ridiculous! I am even told I can never truly love my friends who are of color because I am white!! I may never fully understand what it exactly like to grow up dealing with racist microagressions, but this doesn’t mean that I am racist, it just doesn’t, ok? Racism and oppression back and forth- who’s egos get to rule? Can we see people as individual’s that have their own strengths and weaknesses? Christ! I would be very angry at a CEO choosing not to hire someone because of their race, just like any of my friends would be. I am not angry at myself for being white, or angry at whoever that CEO was for whatever his skin color was- I would try to turn my anger into compassion in the light of mindfulness because that CEO obviously needs help confronting their own fears! ELLO!

    • Thank you.. I think my posts lately somehow give the impression that things are terrible.. I have a wonderful, blessed life .. I’m just perhaps a bit more honest about the ups and downs of existence than some others 😉 Thank you for visiting and hope you’ll come back soon.

  10. Hi Crystal – Thanks for following my blog. Your story is quite intriguing and seems to reveal an adventurous, exploratory and experiential soul. Like you, I speak French, and am flawed 🙂 I see my life as a journey, so I’m always learning. I do look forward to exploring your blog further and reading some of your insightful posts.

  11. Hi Crystal, thank you for stopping by hgd for the follow. I love the vibe that you’ve created and I’m glad to connect with you. Def look forward to exploring more of your writing.

  12. Excited to be following you, Crystal! Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog and follow along with my imperfect musings of the power and art of presence. I look forward to reading more about what you have to say as a new follower. Peace and joy.

  13. Thanks so much for following my blog and I look forward to reading more about you – blimey you sound pretty self-aware for someone who is still figuring it out. Best wishes, Gemma

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