Milestone: A Message to My Readers

So this week, The Little Blog That Could crossed the century milestone.. we now have 102 104¬†107 subscribers ūüôā How fabulous!

I started the blog nine months ago with no plan, no followers, no social media presence and no real idea of what I was doing. All I knew is that I felt compelled to share some of my experiences delving into nondual spirituality. It was also important to me that I anchor these encounters with Awareness in the everyday reality of my existence. I try to “keep it real” by being transparent and frank about ups and downs of this life – the challenges, the difficult feelings, the inspirational moments, the salve of timeless wisdom, the bullshit of the ego and the beauty of awakening. To that end, I talk about a variety of things here – well-being, consciousness, emotions, thrifting, relationships, academia, food, sexuality. I still don’t actually have a plan or any idea what I’m doing, but I am enjoying this blog for what it is – a space of emotional and creative catharsis, a way for me to connect with like-minded souls and one big love letter to the Divine Intelligence that has so gracefully and generously unveiled Itself to me.

Anyway, the most exciting thing about the blog is that it’s allowed me to make incredible connections to people like You: folks who take time out of their busy schedules to read and even sometimes react and respond to my musings. I am so grateful for every comment, email, phone call and conversation that I’ve had with folks touched by this blog. I am learning so much through these exchanges and am thrilled that you’ve decided to share with me along the way.

With love,


Unexplained Phenomena

Very Inspiring Blog Award

Having won the “Liebster Award”, I just remembered this lovely nomination for the “Very Inspiring Blog Award” from Blown. Many thanks!

The rules for this one are as follows:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.


Seven things about me:

1. I like giving and receiving massages. But mostly receiving..#keepingitreal

2. My favorite drink is a whiskey sour with extra cherries.

3. I like to step out of the shower onto a fresh towel.

4. My body temperature usually feels low so I’m a heat-seeking creature. Think: sauna, thick blankets, heater on medium blast, warmth from human snuggling.

5. I speak French.

6. I would love to beach-hop through the Caribbean for about 3 months straight.

7. I have a tiny beauty mark on my lip.

Alright. Now the important stuff. My nominees!

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  2. Get a Life, Ph.D.
  3. Truthless Truth
  4. To Be Aware
  5. Reassigned Time
  6. Canadian Hiking Photography
  7. Rohan7Things
  8. Silent Journey
  9. GYA Today
  10. The 6th Perspective
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  12. Fashion & Fun After 50
  13. Crunk Feminist Collective
  14. The Life Monk
  15. Notes of a Shaman Student

With gratitude,


Unexplained Phenomena

Liebster Award – Thank you!


Many thanks to the awesome¬†Rohan¬†nominated my blog for the “Liebster Award”! ¬†I was mystified as to what this was all about and a little internet diggery uncovered that “liebster” means something along the lines of “dearest” in German. ¬†The possibly apocryphal origins of award are explored here. ¬†Anywho, it’s very cool to be recognized by a fellow blogger I really dig.

Here’s the lowdown:

Liebster Blogger Award Rules

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer the 3 questions, or make up your own 3.
  4. Pass the award onto 3 other newbies (200 followers or less, or started the blog this year) bloggers and link to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by pingback.

Answering 3 Questions:

1) What can you say about dreams? ¬†I usually don’t remember my dreams. ¬†But on rare occasions,¬†I actually have telepathic and even prophetic dreams. ¬†Of course, I never know when a dream is actually telepathic or prophetic until I talk about it with someone else. ¬†If a dream seems significant, I’ll mention it to whoever it feels appropriate to share with (or whoever the dream was about). ¬†In most cases, these dreams have been extremely detailed and specific, so there was no ambiguity as to whether the dream was about a certain person or a certain situation. ¬† What makes it really cool is that I’ve dreamed of things that I could not have ordinarily known – not even by chance.

2) If the sky is not blue, what color would you like it to be? 


) What is your favorite work of art? 

I don’t have a favorite work of art. ¬†For paintings, I’ve been¬†intrigued¬†with Italian futurism ever since a friend took me to the MoMa last summer. ¬†Umberto Boccioni’s work is incredible. ¬†To imagine this is a painting of a soccer player:

Dynamism of a soccer player
Dynamism of a soccer player

And now the important stuff!

My 3 nominees are:

  1. Silent Journey : Lovely blog with inspirational quotes about life and spirituality.  Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
  2. Beyond the Dream: I find Rory’s reflections to be full of wisdom and I identify very much with a lot of what he posts about emotions, nonduality and love.
  3. The Vintage Dope Dealer: This guy posts his meticulously arranged outfits with a level of dedication and passion so stunning in its magnificence that you’ll simply have to see it to believe it.