Forget about Enlightenment

What I love about this video is the way Mooji reminds us of this central truth:

There is fundamentally nothing we can do or need to do to “become” enlightened.

What I like about this teaching — though I haven’t heard Mooji put it this way exactly — is that it very much jives with the Christian doctrine of grace.  In other words: there is nothing you can/must do to become liberated/free/enlightened.  From the perspective of Advaita Vedanta, the Self is already awake. What is necessary is not a particular action, but rather a correct recognition of reality as it already is.

From the Christian perspective, there is nothing you can do to earn your salvation.  It was already accomplished by grace, through Christ.  And of course, we spiritual straddlers who draw from multiple traditions know that Christ *is* the Self.  For the uninitiated, please note the distinction between the “Self” (capital ‘S’ – denoting God/All-There-Is) and the “self” (little ‘s’ – denoting the delusional egoic identity and sense of particularistic personhood that pervades most people’s everyday consciousness).

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