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Photographic Evidence that Kerry Washington & Scarlett Johansson Are Interracial Twins

I am fascinated with the idea that we all have “twins” in ethnoracial groups other than our own.  Of course, ultimately I do not buy into the idea that we are all really members of “different” categories, but practically speaking, many folks still do identify quite strongly with ethnic, racial and even simply phenotypic differences.

In any case, I often see people from different ethnic backgrounds who look exactly alike.  Indeed, if I had my druthers, there would be a huge internet database of “racial twins” showing everyday people who look exactly alike except for their skin tone or hair texture.  Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington are two of my favorite celebrity examples.  I think both women are breathtakingly gorgeous, but what I find even more stunning than their individual assets and fabulous sense of style is the fact that they look so much alike.

No matter how they wear their hair, style their clothes or do their makeup, they look like cafe latte and whipped cream versions of each other.

Their eyes, nose and lips are ridiculously similar.  They even hold their posture in a similar fashion.

Ultimately, what I love about the notion of “interracial twins” (let us try very earnestly to keep our minds out of the gutter for a few seconds . . . ) is the idea that we are all fundamentally the same – yes, even those of us who look nothing alike.

14 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence that Kerry Washington & Scarlett Johansson Are Interracial Twins”

  1. Interesting observation, I do see a similarity between these two women. I agree with the point you are making as well. We really all are very much alike- I think more so than some admit!

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  2. i just saw this interview of kerry washington and jamie fox post django unchained release!had not noticed kerry washington clearly until then!i ve always been a die-hard fan of scarlett! During an instance in the interview kerry reminded me so much of scarlett esp her lips! I never stopped wondering if i was the only one who had this kind of notion! really glad someone had it posted under a blog!!

  3. I was just looking at photographs from the Inauguration and one of them had Kerry Washington in it and before I knew it was Kerry Washington I thought, “that woman on the right looks very similar to Scarlett Johansson.” And, wondering if others had also made this comparison I came across your observations in a Google search, which only further proves that if you think you have an original idea someone else has probably already written about it haha… Glad someone agrees they could be interracial twins, though–the similarities are very apparent, in my opinion!

  4. I’ve been doing this my whole life…seeing someone from one race that makes me think of someone from another…and sometimes the contrast in terms of skin tone and other coloring is very much two ends of the spectrum. I was tickled to see this…and yes, I agree…these two women have lots of similarities.

  5. Boy am glad I aint the only one…..I actually thought scarlette was kerry in the Lucy movie in white make up transformation…Thse women are sooo gorgeous…interracial twins 4 real…..Malawi,LL _area 47☺

  6. Not only do they look alike, they even SPEAK alike! I was wondering if I was the only person that had those thoughts. Guess not!

  7. I shared this link on Facebook 3 years ago and Facebook memories just reminded me of it again. I love seeing that I’m not the only one who thinks this. I hate when people look at me crazy when I try to tell them how much these two actresses look alike.

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