I live on Long Island, where devastation spreads as far as the eye can see in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. There’s no power in my neighborhood and about a half a million people on the island are still out of power and in the cold. I’m lucky: managed to evacuate and am safe in Brooklyn. But the situation in many parts of the city is dire. Lower Manhattan looked like a disaster zone yesterday. There are reports of stranded seniors, food shortages and looting on Staten Island. Many homes and businesses are flooded and destroyed. Cell service is limited in much of the area. Similar problems all over New Jersey and Connecticut. Will be sending regular updates via twitter.

2 thoughts on “Sandy”

  1. Thanks so much for checking on me! Staying in parts of the city where there’s power right now is like living in a parallel universe.. I’m not so much in the frontlines here in Brooklyn, but in touch with folks who are..

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