Life Musings

Acts of kindness

Kind things I did for myself today:

– made a cup of keurig coffee in the morning

– paid a bill

– took out the trash

– cleaned up apartment so things would be neat when I returned home

– styled my hair the way I like it (as I do everyday..)

– conscious breathing and meditation throughout the day

– packed a full day’s worth of nutritious meals and snacks to take to work

– drank several cups of raspberry tea for medicinal purposes instead of coffee while in the office

– paid attention to moments of anxiety and relaxed

– crossed several things off my to do list

– wore a fabulous outfit.. and topped it all off with a very sharp black leather jacket/boots/gloves/attache ensemble

– morning, afternoon and evening aromatherapy with ylang ylang and eucalyptus essential oils

– 20 minutes in the sauna after work

– drank water

– took my supplements

– called my grandmother and my actual mother

– laid out my lovely new Christian Dior robe so it was waiting for me to slip into when I got home

– remembered to affirm acceptance of my body throughout the day

– kept my hands/body moisturized

– spruced up my office

– washed and dried a load of laundry

– made my bed

– organized my remaining blocks of work time for the week

– enjoyed hot chocolate and a delicious brownie after a long day

– self massage

5 thoughts on “Acts of kindness”

  1. This post reminded me of a poem…

    The Greatest Gift of All

    Tomorrow is always a mystery,
    What it may bring or could easily take away,
    For everything there is a season,
    A fleeting moment in the sun, they say;
    What’s lasting though is a purpose well lived,
    The amorphous ties we bind,
    And, Forever is the fragrance each everyday gives,
    When we loosen our awareness of time;
    Consider the stories heard, again and again,
    But is never frayed or old;
    Or the hand you trusted with the uncertainties of life,
    And now more inextricably hold;
    Or the shoulders you could always lean on-
    Even stand on, to lift you higher or catch your fall;
    That’s the thing that so many writers have written of
    And I too now confess does, ultimately, conquer all;
    The greatest fortune then that we can ever leave or be left with
    Is not, by this measure, of extraordinary means;
    But simply the love we make, or sometimes inherit,
    And its indelible gifts of kindnesses, unseen.
    Bj moore

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