Spiritual Musings

The Highest Teachings

The highest teachings in Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity boil down to this simple truth: I am that I am and It is what It is. There’s really nothing else you need to know.

6 thoughts on “The Highest Teachings”

  1. So for me then the thing to wonder about, to explore,
    is who is this inhabitant, the being that can see the rest,
    that has come here to experience what I am experiencing?
    As my friend keeps telling me:
    “There is Something Else.”

    Ciao love, too much for me Mooji Sunday Satsang on live streaming.
    I cannot sit 3 hours in front at my lap top, same questions, same answers.
    Exhausted. That’s all.

    I do prefer short clip, something else like that:


    Have you a great week end babe.

  2. You might enjoy contacting Francis Bennett, a former Trappist monk who gave a day of recollection that I attended last weekend. He had a rather overpowering epiphany three years ago that left him speechless, but when he started talking again, he couldn’t stop. He’s written a book (which I haven’t read) called “I am that I am” and he posts messages about non-duality, universal love, the oneness of everything and everybody, etc. several times/day on Facebook. He has a very joyful presence.

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