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Coconut Raw Chocolate Truffles


First time making truffles. Me likes.

Super easy – and delightful – to make. The kind of thing that could be the end..or the beginning.. of a really great date. Use the same basic Rawtarian raw chocolate recipe as usual. Let the chocolate cool in a dish – you don’t want it liquidy. Pour coconut flakes into a bowl. Add a dash of sea salt to make it extra delish.

Wash your hands. Scoop about a teaspoon of the raw into the flakes. Roll around in your hands until it’s fairly even ball. Pop in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Clean up is sexy, messy and fun. Once you’ve run out of enough chocolate to make truffles, take your finger, dip it in the remaing raw chocolate. Then dip it in the coconut flakes. Lick your finger. And repeat. Well don’t just sit there. Go do it, already. Thank me later..


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