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Home Improvements: Organization

Organization has never been my strong suit.  That said, I’ve found myself progressively filled with the Spirit-of-Getting-Shit-Together ever since moving into my apartment.  That Spirit, however, has moved rather slowly.  The fact that my closets have been pristine and organized for the last year is a first in the history of my short life and nothing less than a monumental achievement.  Most of my rooms are usually in a state of order.  But there have been certain spaces — drawers and cabinets — that remained in a perpetual state of disarray.

Organizing IV
Looking for anything under the kitchen sink always gave me heartburn.

In any case, over the last week, I’ve set about slowly bringing order to the chaos.  One of my perpetual problems was not having a dedicated space for tools.  I had a hammer under a table, another one in the pantry, screw drivers in the kitchen, nails and screws running wild and free in various containers and drawers.  It was just awful.  It occurred to me that the magical invention of the toolbox would solve all my worries.  Amazingly, I had never, ever, owned a toolbox in my entire adult life.

Organizing III
Under the bathroom sink. That before shot is so incredibly embarrassing. But you need to understand just how far I’ve come…
Organizing II
So sad. So very, very sad.
Organizing I
From junk drawer to “this-is-fucking-awesome” drawer.

Anyway, enjoy these before and after pics of the wondrous transformation taking place within my space.  Oh and go read this fabulous book by Julie Morgenstern – “Organizing from the Inside Out”.  It was recommended to me by my colleague, fellow blogger and new friend Tanya Golash-Boza.  Started reading it yesterday and I’m loving it.  I’ll need all the help I can get when I start working on my next organizational projects: 1) getting my filing system in order and 2) making the attic a functional space.

Yay!  Oh and peep the toolbox.  I'm so excited about that. *pops collar*
Yay! And look at my TOOLBOX! #babystepsintoadulthood

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