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Grilled Tofurkey Sandwich w/ Chipotle-Fried Potatoes & Baby Bok Choy (V)

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This poor blog is feeling awfully neglected with the constraints of my work load and schedule.  All I have time to post are 1-line spiritual musings and vegan food porn.

In lieu of a real update, let me just say the following: 1) I’m incredibly happy in this moment 2) Some really exciting, beautiful things are flowering in my work and personal lives right now 3) I am so grateful for the friends, mentors and connections that are breathing synchronicity and joy into my everyday and 4) I’ve found my life’s purpose.  No fucking kidding. My life’s purpose.  No time to tell you about it now, but we’ll chat about it soon.  I promise.  Now back to food.

* * *

The thing I like about posting the the vegan sorta-kinda-recipes is that although they may be merely impressionistic descriptions – rather than the full-on step-by-step instructions you might be accustomed to on a food blog – they do convey 1) the sheer beauty of the meals 2) some creative ideas about how to have your delicious, healthy cake and eat it too and 3) a certain veganish je ne sais quoi.

Truly though, the reason I still share some of my meals is that I really fuckin’ love cooking.  It’s something I stopped doing for a while — between travel and work stress and laziness, I fell off the vegan wagon . . . But now that I’m back on, cooking has brought more balance, artistry and health into my life.  I gained no less than 10 lbs over the last few months from eating out so much and so often (and my goodness.. I consumed some really delicious food).  Now I’m in the kitchen again and getting back into the rhythm of living an active life.  Hot yoga, cardio boot camp and the elliptical are regular visitors on my weekly calendar.

Tonight’s epic vegan masterpiece was absofuckinlutely amazing.  Pretty easy too.

Grilled Tofurkey Sandwich with Chipotle-Fried Potatoes & Baby Bok Choy


– Hoagie spread (you know, the jar of peppers)

– Vegan mayonnaise

– Whole wheat bread

– Tofurkey links of your choice

– 1/2 red onion

– 2 potatoes

– 1 clove of fresh garlic

– 1/2 chipotle pepper (de-seeded)


– salt and pepper

– herbes de provence

– 1 baby bok choy (chopped, grilled and marinated)

– ketchup

– hot sauce


  1. Slice potatoes, onion, chipotle and garlic
  2. Cut Tofurkey links lengthwise, then again through the middle, to create 8 smaller links
  3. Heat 2 tablespoons of EVOO in a large skillet
  4. Grill Tofurkey for about 5 minutes (turn)
  5. Toss in potatoes, onions, chipotle and garlic – cook until nicely browned
  6. Meanwhile, chop and grill your bok choy in another skillet (I confess I bought mine pre-made and marinated from my favorite Thai restaurant)
  7. Remove Tofurkey from skillet, set aside
  8. Add bok choy to the potato/onion mixture
  9. Reduce heat
  10. In another skillet (are we up to three now?) – heat one tablespoon of EVOO and 2 tablespoons of herbes de provence. Add whole wheat bread and toast (turn so both sides are grilled)
  11. To make the vegan sandwich spread: In a bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of vegan mayonnaise with as many tablespoons of hoagie spread (peppers) as your stomach can handle
  12. When your bread is toasted, dress one slice with the vegan sandwich spread, layer with tofurkey and drizzle with ketchup
  13. Serve the potato/bok choy mix on the side
  14. If you are from the south: Garnish with ketchup and hot sauce

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