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God Unfolding


There’s a fearlessness that comes from surviving heartache.

You realize that if it hurts, it simply means it doesn’t fit.

There are no bad guys.  No blame.

Just the knowledge — the hard-won, heart-breaking knowledge –

That you are not meant to be.

With wisdom, practice and determination,

You learn to let it go and keep it moving.

You thank God when someone runs away,

Because you know the right one will meet you right where you are,


There’s this thing that happens when you realize

on a bone-deep level – that your whole life – including your love life –

is simply God unfolding.

There’s no way to get this thing wrong.  There’s no strategy.  No technique.

It’s just God unfolding. God unfolding. God unfolding.

No need to second guess anything —

or to wonder what lies around the bend.

And when you wonder anyway, you remember:

It’s just God unfolding. God unfolding. God unfolding.

I have nothing to do with it.

In this moment, you enjoy the magnetism of a deepening connection..

A beautiful mystery.. watching the flower of it all unfurl..

With no idea what happens next..

You notice joy in the face of uncertainty.

An electric current you cannot explain.

Bemusement where anxiety used to live.

You realize that you literally have nothing to lose.

* * *

It’s nice to dream.. but know that you are dreaming..

To smile at your own projections.. eyes wide open..

* * *

Grounded, always – and effortlessly – in the beauty of your own becoming,

You allow.

You witness.

You laugh, sometimes through tears,

Thanking God for giving Herself to You..

..again and again..

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