Academic Musings

This Week’s Academic Goals


  1. Submit new package to the IRB
  2. Write paper to present at Hopkins
  3. Finish reading list for REI Workshop
  4. Decide on how to proceed with invitations for REI speakers
  5. Finish reading and comments for peer review of Book A
  6. Read paper I’m reviewing for Top Sociology Journal
  7. Schedule time to finish review for Another Sociology Journal
  8. Talk with at least 2 more scholars in my field about my book proposal
  9. Revise draft of my book proposal
  10. Identify grants to fund U.S. Commemorations project
  11. Identify grants to help complete data analysis for France project
  12. Get RA 1 started on lit review
  13. Get RA 2 on track with data analysis
  14. Begin reading for peer review of Book B
  15. Complete 5 hours of library research and reading for France project
  16. Complete 5 hours of library research and reading for My New Theoretical Framework
  17. Administer and grade Classical Theory Quiz
  18. Work on syllabus for graduate seminar on Qualitative Methods
  19. Decide on revisions to syllabus for undergrad theory course
  20. Remind students to complete mid-semester evaluations
Academic Musings

God, I’m so excited about my work right now

Haven’t experienced such an outpouring of productivity, creativity and motivation in my scholarship since I completed my dissertation over a year ago.

There’s this intuition and confluence of ideas, clarity and intellectual energy that’s just pouring forth.  And the best part: it’s not driven by the kind of egoic, recognition-seeking, status-obsessed mania that is so characteristic of the tragic reality of human existence in general, not to speak of the tragic reality of academia.  There’s just this clear, calm, confident flow going on that is unencumbered by the doubts, confusion, anxiety and stress that crushed me during graduate school.

Long days, long nights.

And it feels so good . . .