Academic Musings

You know you’re an inspired/crazy academic when . . . .

You wake up at 6 AM on a Saturday morning, having slept a total of 3 hours, make a cup of coffee and gleefully get back to work on your lit review.

1 thought on “You know you’re an inspired/crazy academic when . . . .”

  1. September 29th, here, now, then, always…

    I loved that, awareness in normal life, in every moment, it is the spiritual way…

    And yet we have many options…
    From Josh, who has left NYC, to come in Europe, another option…

    I love the story about Chinese fellow wanting to come
    hang out Paul and Sabine.
    It’s what I did with Mooji – went there to interview him
    for my book “Enlightenment a 150MPH,”
    with no hard agenda last week – “let’s just hang out and talk,”
    and stayed off-campus at my own expense…
    didn’t want to go there and have them feed and house me.
    At first, his people were “suspicious” although it was
    non violent – more “Is this person going to come and then
    write something bad about us? Who are you?”
    Three Skipe sessions and two emails and they
    still don’t “get” it,
    and the first day, it was like border patrol – his main logistics
    person up in my face and benevolently demanding to know
    what I would ask the man.
    Then, after we did the interview, everything relaxed and changed.
    Two days in that energy and life is very, very different.
    It will be good for all of youif this man comes to Australia.
    It is good to give and receive regardless of
    goods/services/money exchanged.
    But get it while Paul is talkin it can be published at ant time.
    And if not, put it via Kickstarter donations, I did last year and
    raised 4000bucks in a month for a CD I wanted to make.
    I’ll buy one/see the movie!
    Love, Josh

    Many, so many options, dont’you?

    Love, Giorgio

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