Romney won the debate

Only question: did Obama let him, intentionally?

Obama looked tired, weak, hesitant and sad. Romney looked strong, energetic and had a great smile.

Romney straight up lied and Obama didn’t call him on it.

Romney compared the president to his boys. Obama didn’t respond.

Romney used colloquial language and sounded relaxed. Obama was wonkish and boring.

Romney brought 40 people on stage after the debate. Obama looked lonely with his wife.

I can only imagine the Obama campaign threw the fight in some kind of Jedi mind trick strategy.

Should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

2 thoughts on “Romney won the debate”

  1. Question: Is it Possible for a Politician to be Enlightened?

    Osho: Never heard of it, It has never happened. There are intrinsic problems.
    The very dimension the politician moved in is against enlightenment…

    Much more, if you are interested, go forward in Google, and digit:
    “Osho on politicians”. Very interesting, really.
    And Wihelm Reich too, you are a socilogist, so you know better than me, I guess…

    And in Italy we got for two decades Benito Mussolini, damn…
    Afterwards we got Silvio Berlusconi, a sort of Italian Ronald Reagan, damn…

    Anf here we are…

    1. The relationship between spirituality and politics interests me. Nondualism, it seems, tends towards apathy and apolitical “whatever happens happens” attitudes.. rather than asking if a politician can be enlightened, my question is: should “enlightened” and “awakening” people be political? If so, how?

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