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What $14 Can Get You At the Thrift Store

$14 at the Thrift Store got me 10 items (8 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories), for an average price of $1.40 per item.  Estimated value: $350.

The details:


  1. Blue Kasper pantsuit (100% silk) – Retail value: $100-$150.  I paid: $2
  2. White Liz Claiborne wrap top – Retail: $39.  I paid: $1
  3. Striped lavender/pink Eddie Bauer button-up blouse: Retail: $25.  I paid: $1
  4. New York & Company Argyle sweater vest: Retail: $35.  I paid: $1
  5. Jones New York (Sport) hoodie and matching drawstring pants: Retail: $30.  I paid: $1
  6. Gray J. Crew Silk Blouse: Retail: $30.  I paid: $1
  7. Steve Madden sunglasses with leather temple arms: Retail: $40. I paid: $2.50
  8. Lovely blue necklace to match my current multicolor manicure: Retail: $$10-$15, I paid: $4


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10 thoughts on “What $14 Can Get You At the Thrift Store”

    1. I love it, too! Now I just have to figure out what to wear it with.. any ideas? A white top with a scoop neck? A dress? (but what color?) Mainly I got it because it matches a funky manicure I got: on my left hand I have two different tones of blue (first three fingers are dark blue, last two fingers are lighter). On my right hand I have the same two blues and my middle finger is a bright, crisp gray.

      1. The necklace could look nice with that J. Crew silk tank top you got and a pair of skinny jeans and flats. A white scoop neck could work too, with maybe an orange button-down cardigan (complementary colors!). I love to wear bright colors, but some people are totally against it 🙂

        1. Ooh good idea.. maybe the blouse, dark blue jeans, silver heels and silver purse. Orange cardigan! That’s one thing I don’t have – great tip though – I also love bright colors but tend to go with reds, pinks, blues..

  1. White tunic and skinny jeans, flats maybe… have a. laid back chic weekend Diva! Your 14 dollar hollas are. Just amazing finds. Enjoying vicariously. 🙂

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